I find myself thinking a lot about my own personal history.   Moving back to my hometown as an adult has really enabled me to be introspective and look at my origins in a new light. As I stop to look, I see that my observations have a new slant, be it political, social, environmental, or from more of a community perspective.  Whatever the case may be, I have found myself looking much more closely at things and have had an intense desire to photograph what is around me.

On my daily walks, I tend to not only notice the extraordinary light that shines through the trees and beams onto the bushes and perfectly manicured lawns, but I have also noticed how quickly a house is demolished and a new one put up in it’s place.  I consider the trees that have been taken down to make way for these new homes and have since been seeking out mature trees in the area.  As I sought out the trees, I noticed the roots and how gnarly they are. I got thinking about people’s roots, and my own and how they define us.