song of myself

My ideas of self have been developed through being able to identify with a specific group of people. Life has presented me with many roles to play.  However, I found myself compartmentalizing and marginalizing whenever necessary. At times, I am a mom, artist, wife, athlete, patient or consumer.  Each role arises due to the circumstances or conditions presented to me at any given moment.  To the extent that I cling to these identities, I suffer. The less I hold myself hostage to these identities and ideas of self, the freer and happier I will be.

This process of intense self-reflection has been extremely cathartic.   I have come to accept that I am one thing to some one, and something else in the eyes of another.  I am able to hold on to these identities and roles lightly and see them for simply what they are. While these images represent many facets of me, none of them identify me wholly.   Each is just a fraction of my existence and me.