shared elements

I am on a continuous quest for balance and serenity.  Yet, because of  life’s complications, most days pass in a blur as I multi-task my way through errands, motherhood, companionship and the like.  Despite, the steady flow of activities, I continue to be inspired by the world around me. My mind frequently races with new ideas, creative processes, and abstract conceptions.  Recognizing the fast pace of my life, I began to desire a quieter and more simple way of living, though I was not quite sure how I was going to achieve this.

As life would have it, I was presented with a solution when I saw a look of awe and wonderment as my son opened the Slinky box.  A smile came across his face as he rhythmically balanced the toy from hand to hand.  At this moment, I recognized how such a simple thing could provide such happiness and satisfaction. I was eager to take the Slinky to the studio and get started on my pursuit for simplicity.

Some of my favorite images have emerged from the challenge I placed upon myself. I began to realize that the exercise was, in fact, a journey of self-discovery. Much like childhood, there is a certain innocence to a slinky, yet the complexities seem to cross over into adulthood. I crave the rhythmic nature of a Slinky and its Zen like qualities.  This is the balance I am seeking. Ironically, I realized, the elements of a Slinky are directly reflective of my character. Thus, I have titled each image with a word or phrase that represents some part of my journey.