Nature has immense transformative power.  It rearranges its elements, changes its form, acting upon those who occupy and observe it. The sun climbs, a burst of light igniting the world, shadows stretching throughout the day before a pastel sinking.  Waves build one after one after one.  Water walls swept upwards and over, a toppling crash into sizzling sweeps of foam before a pulling back out to the vast forever of sea.  Boughs sway, a sentinel to wind gusts that shake the shivering, shimmering leaves.

It is difficult to convey one’s experience of nature.  It is personal and profound, the very thing I seek to convey through photography.  The mandalas that populate this book are my attempt to capture ever-shifting nature, and the experience of self in it. Each circle represents and celebrates a fundamental natural element; wind, fire, energy, water and sky. By tapping into these five elements, I can ground myself.  I am centered.  Like the sun, like water, like air, I move and shift and whisper.  I live.